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Canoe and Conversation at The Discovery Center

Sat May 18 

Over 130 species of birds have visited the Strawberry Mansion Reservoir since it was decommissioned. Now that nature has taken over the space, we’ll be going out in the canoes to find out exactly what draws them to this special place. We will be fitting everyone with paddles, Personal Floatation Device (PFD), and binoculars. Join us for a paddle as we search for flora and fauna that call the reservoir home.

No canoeing experience or bird/ plant knowledge required! Just bring a buddy and enjoy your time on the reservoir. Participants will learn tips and proper canoe technique from our Outward Bound Instructors.


1). This event is for children (ages 8+) and adults. Participants 8-12 years of age must be in the canoe with a responsible adult.

2). Limited capacity. This event is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Registration starts at 10am. All interested participants must complete canoe registration form and sign risk & liability waiver at the event table.

Canoe Timeslots: