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Ghost Ship

Fri Oct 18 · 7pm  – 
Sun Nov 3 · 10pm

You can view the Delware River Waterfront Corporations's Ghost Ship from 7 to 10 pm Wednesdays through Sundays in October. Viewing hours will begin at 6pm after October 23.  

Inspired by the nuanced and complex history of the Delaware River in the 1700s, Biangle Studio created the site specific, three-dimensional light and water-based public art installation Ghost Ship. The 18th-century ship appears on the Philadelphia Waterfront as Ghost Ship for the month of October to shine a light on the shared history of the Delaware River, and reflect on its role in shaping Philadelphia today.

Take a self-guided audio tour along Race Street Pier into the landscape and social history of the Delaware River as you experience Ghost Ship. The recorded reflections of local experts and artists speak to the river’s importance to Philadelphia with diverse stories from before colonization to present day.

Photo credit: Matt Stanley, DRWC