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Mindful Outdoor Experience #optoutside

Fri Nov 29 

#Optoutside on the Friday after Thanksgiving! Join Simona, a Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, on a mindful outdoor walk created to support your connection to yourself and the land at Silver Lake Nature Center. The experience includes a short introduction to the land in order to foster a sense of appreciation, curiosity and gratitude for place. This is followed by a series of steps to invite awareness into the body and the present moment to awaken the senses and transition to a relaxed state of awareness. A mindful outdoor experience includes walking with awareness, noticing sensations in relationship to the land and elements, as well as “nature meditations”, in which participants are invited to sit and observe movement and stillness on the land. The experience concludes with a group share and sometimes a relaxed fire meditation, tea or snacks.

Note: this event is for adults only. It is a free event for the participants. Please wear layers and bring a day pack with water, and a snack. This is not a hike, however, we will be walking with awareness. RSVP required.