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Check out the 2018 Philadelphia Open Studio Tours this Weekend!

It’s time for artists to once again swing open the doors and pull back the curtains on their workspaces for the 2018 Philadelphia Open Studios Tours (POST). Nearly 100 studios are open to the public, and almost 300 artists will allow visitors into their workspaces, which might be their home, for a unique and intimate behind the scenes look into where their art is made. Many of the studios are only a short walk from each other and some are near trails, parks, and GoPhillyGo destinations like Glen Foerd on the Delaware.

POST is a program of the Center For Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) and occurs over two weekends in October. Each day focuses on a different quadrant of the city. This weekend, explore artist spaces in South and Northeast Philadelphia. Studios in Participating artists work in many diverse genres from fine art to photography, and this experience helps them gain valuable feedback.

“POST is an opportunity for artists to engage with the public in a way that is unique. Unlike most other ways of presenting works, an open studio is a place where artists can show their process and unfinished works,” said Julia Fox, Community Programming Coordinator at CFEVA.  “The visitors have an opportunity to better understand an artist's vision and technique and the artist has an opportunity to share ideas and get feedback on their work. This exchange of ideas can be invaluable in an artist's practice and may inform how they move forward or further understand the work they are creating.”

GoPhillyGo has teamed up with POST to help you find your way to all the open studios on both weekends. When you find an artist you’re interested in, click on the link to the artists page. Follow the “Go>” link in the description and the GoPhillyGo trip planner will come up with the studio’s address as the destination. All you need to do is plug in your starting point or hit the location arrow to set your current location and get easy multimodal directions to the next studio.

Android users can also download the GoPhillyGo app to find great destinations near POST South and Northeast like the Race Street Pier and FDR Park. You can also find a link to the GoPhillyGo trip planner under the about section and plan a sustainable trip from wherever you are. Download the free Android app in the Google Play store today!

The best way to explore POST galleries is by foot or bike. When you aren’t worried about parking you can take the time to explore and enjoy neighborhoods you may not often visit. “The program bridges the gap between the creative community and the city, bringing to light the artwork that is being made in every corner of Philadelphia, from Grays Ferry to Tacony to Roxborough,” Fox said.

According to Fox, getting around POST sustainably is important to the organizers, so they made it easy. “All POST locations are easily accessible by public transit and many are very close together, making walking or biking a great way to move through the city on your search for each creative space,” Fox said.

Fox told us a recent change in format makes POST even more pedestrian friendly. “Last year we adapted POST so that the format of the tours would be more conducive to walking, riding or public transit by splitting the city into four main areas, Fox said. “Each area is featured on one day of the two weekends of POST and each has a unique personality in itself.”

POST is a great way to explore and learn about the vibrant artist culture in Philadelphia. Don’t waste your time looking for parking. Use GoPhillyGo to get you from studio to studio and help you explore these unique neighborhoods sustainably!