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Download the Brand New Free GoPhillyGo Android App!

Our team has been working very hard to create an even easier way for GoPhillyGo users to discover amazing cultural, educational, and environmental centers in PA, NJ, and DE that they can get to without a car. We are excited to announce the release of our brand new Android app available in the Google Play Store! Click Here to Download!

The GoPhillyGo app takes the best information from our mobile site and puts it in an easy and customizable format. Once you’ve opened the app, the destinations are separated by categories. Click on each category and a list of destinations will appear. Click on the destination and you will find a description, directions, and a list of events all on the same page. Watch a short tutorial below.

The GoPhillyGo app allows users to create customized lists of destinations based on preferences. Click on a category and tap the “filters” button to choose from a list of filters including hiking, cycling, and nature. You can also label destinations as “liked”, “been”, and “want to go” and populate a list based on those preferences.

The GoPhillyGo app is location based and lets you know when you are near one of the destinations on your “liked” or “want to go” list. Go to “Settings” and turn on notifications so each time you are in close proximity to one of your favorite destinations, you will receive a push notification to learn more about the destination, including how to get there.

We want you to be in the know about all the great events happening at our destinations. Click on the Upcoming Events category to get a full list of events. You can apply the same filters to populate a list based on your own preferences. Click Add to Calendar to the put the event on your personal calendar.

We know you are a loyal GoPhillyGo user and dedicated to making sustainable trips to help reduce pollution caused by automobiles. Let us know what you think about the app at info@gophillygo.org. Take the time to get outside, and Download the new GoPhillyGo Android App and plan a trip today!