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Enjoy Some Ice Time At Philly's Public Skating Rinks

You can bring your own skates, or rent a pair for $3 to $4 depending on which one you visit. If you have never skated before, lessons are available to get you gliding across the ice in no time. 

The rinks are spread throughout the city, and all can be accessed by public transportation. Many also have special skating events and programs for all ages and skill levels, and some have intramural ice hockey leagues for kids. Check with the rink for more details about skating times, programming, and hockey leagues. 

Searching for parking and sitting in traffic drastically cuts into your ice time, and we want you to enjoy these public rinks as much as possible. Follow the links below for easy walking, biking, and transit directions, and get skating!


Rizzo Rink - Pennsport


Tarken Ice Rink - Oxford Circle


Simons Rec Center - West Oak Lane


Scanlon Ice Rink and Playground - Harrowgate

Laura Sims Skate House - Cobbs Creek