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Explore The Circuit Trails On A Regional Scavenger Hunt

Opening Day for Trails and Earth Day are now behind us, and trail season is in full swing in the Greater Delaware Valley. That means it’s time to get on the Circuit Trails! There are tons of great destinations to visit and over 325 miles of completed trails to enjoy #OnTheCircuit.

This year you can join the Circuit Trails Scavenger Hunt and find your own way to their featured destinations along the Circuit Trail using GoPhillyGo.To join the hunt, register online!

Check out the Circuit Trail’s interactive map below to see all the locations to check in.

Since every destination is on or near the Circuit Trails, they’re perfect places to visit and enjoy by foot or bike! Many locations like John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Tulpehaking Nature Center, and the Camden County Environmental Center are already profiled on GoPhillyGo!  

Every time you visit a scavenger hunt destination, take a photo and share it on social media. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tag your post with #OnTheCircuit and #GoPhillyGo. You can also submit your photos here.

Don’t wait all summer to get on the Circuit Trails! The hunt ends on River Days, which is September 22 this year.

Learn more about the Scavenger Hunt here.