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Ditch the car and let GoPhillyGo and SEPTA take you to the best sledding spots

If you are a kid or a fun-loving adult, chances are when you see snow, that means it’s time to lace up the snow boots, grab the sleds and head to a hill for some sledding. Flat land is much better for building cities, so unfortunately many Philadelphia neighborhoods don’t have hills. However, there are plenty of great hills and inclines throughout the city that become perfect for sledding with a little snow.

Driving in the snow can be very dangerous, so public transit is the best way to get around safely. You can generally count on the Market-Frankford El and the Broad Street Subway to be running during most snow storms. If you can make it to a station, these trains will get you to some great places to sled.

Bus routes are often canceled or diverted during major snow storms, so be sure to check SEPTA’s website for travel advisories before you head out. We compiled a list of some of our favorite public transit accessible spots for sledding. Use GoPhillyGo to plan your trip, and be safe on the hills!


Clifford Park/Thomas Mansion--Mt. Airy

A little snow turns this average hill into a great place to sled with the whole family. The long hill makes a perfect place to try out a toboggan or runner sled. The Tulpehocken Regional Rail station on the Chestnut Hill West line drops you off very close, as well as bus routes 53, 65 and H.


Clark Park--West Philadelphia

The hills are perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy, and the popularity of this park makes it a great place for kids and parents to make new friends. It’s also accessible from several trolley lines.


Cobbs Creek Park and Trail--Southwest Philadelphia

The dirt paths leading down from the paved trail become great places for sledding when it snows. There are several hills like the one at Marshall Road and Cobb’s Creek Parkway. You can get to the trail by taking the Market Frankford El to 63rd Street Station, but you can also get there from bus routes 42 and 21.


Bartram’s Garden-Southwest Philadelphia

This nationally designated historic site doubles as a great place to sled in the winter time. The amazing grounds have some great hills, and you can get here by taking the route 36 trolley.

Bridge Hill-South Philadelphia

This hill is a favorite place to sled in an otherwise flat portion of the city. It’s located on the Southeast Corner at Broad Street and Packer Avenue. The wide hill leading up to the on ramp for I-76 is a perfect incline for sledding, and is conveniently located along the Broad Street Subway between Oregon and AT&T stations.


Lemon Hill-Fairmount Park East

The beautiful early 19th century Lemon Hill Mansion is surrounded by a bunch of great hills for you to sled on. It’s a very short walk from the Parkway and the Art Museum and easily accessible from bus routes 38, 32, 43 and the Route 15 trolley.


Art Museum Steps--Ben Franklin Parkway

The iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art steps transform into a perfect sledding hill during larger snow storms. Once the snow fully covers the steps, you can sled down them with an amazing view of the city skyline in the foreground. Bus routes 38, 32 and 43 drop you off right at the steps!