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Here are 4 AWE Centers Hosting Virtual Events This Summer

In March 2018, GoPhillyGo unveiled a new events section to highlight events happening at all the incredible parks and cultural destinations we highlight on the GoPhillyGo mobile site. Sadly, many destinations canceled all their scheduled events this year due to the global health emergency. 

Comfort levels with group chats and zoom meetings are increasing, so some GoPhillyGo destinations are holding regular online learning events that are open to the public. Now you can join family friendly virtual programs about our regions wildlife, plants, and geography on your computer and mobile device. 

GoPhillyGo also wants to remind you that trails are open, and if you decide to enjoy them, make sure to cover your face, practice social distancing, and follow the most up to date CDC guidelines. Below are four centers we love that are hosting all-ages virtual events. 

Visit the GoPhillyGo events page or download the GoPhillyGo Android App for upcoming virtual events hosted by environmental centers and cultural institutions across the region. 


Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education


John Heinz NWR


Bartram’s Garden


Tacony Creek Park