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Indego Unleashes 10 Electric Assisted Bikes To Their Fleet

The Indego bike share program kicked off a two month pilot program and added 10 E-bikes to their fleet. Indego has 1400 bikes that move between 130 stations in Center City and the surrounding neighborhoods. The city’s rideshare program continues to expand and Indego hopes the addition of these E-bikes will provide a boost to people commuting around Center City and the surrounding neighborhoods..

The E-bikes have the same basic design as classic Indego bikes. Some small additions include a rechargeable battery fixed to the back of the bike, and a digital speedometer with buttons to switch between three levels of electric assist on the handle bars. The max speed is 17 mph, however that may vary based on how hard you are pedaling.

You can ride an E-bike for the same price as their classic bikes for now, but a spokesperson for the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability alluded to a possible price increase after the pilot is completed. For now riders can buy day passes for $10 or a monthly pass for $17.

GoPhillyGo took one of the new E-bikes for a test ride at Thomas Paine Plaza outside the Municipal Services Building. You may not feel the assist at first if you already ride a bike regularly. We didn’t, but after a few laps, we started to feel a difference, especially as we increased our speed.

The E-bikes are white instead of the classic blue color, and stations with E-bikes will have a green lightning bolt next their pin on the Indego app. The city hopes people will get comfortable on this new mode of transportation and view it as a viable alternative to cars.

“I just want to say, that I stand here before you having just ridden an E-bike for the first time. It was a great experience,” said Mike Carroll, Deputy Managing Director of the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability. “I didn’t break any bones, (and) I didn’t crash into anyone. It’s a safe way to get around and it’s something you’re going to enjoy using once you get on to it.”