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Last Chance Fall Foliage Bike Trips!

One of the best parts of fall, besides all the leftover Halloween candy, is watching the forests turn to vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. Southeastern PA, and even parts of Philadelphia are prime spots to take a walk or bike ride and see first hand how beautiful the fall foliage is in our region. Since many trails are forested, they become amazing pathways through all the changing colors with rivers and creeks creating picturesque natural landscapes along the way.

We’ve been fortunate to have a warm fall, but the dip in temperature lets us know that winter is just around the corner. Take advantage of this weekend for one more chance to view the fall foliage this year. Cycling this time of year is a great way to warm up, so we put together a list of our favorite wooded bike trails, and linked up directions from nearby bike friendly public transit. We encourage you to make your entire trip by bike, but you can also combine modes with public transit and bike to travel farther, so plan your route on GoPhillyGo before heading out to enjoy this wonderful time of year!


Tacony Creek Trail

This 3.2 mile paved trail loops around Tacony Creek Park. To get there, take the Market Frankford Blue-Line to the Arrott Transportation Center (ATC). From there it’s a 10 minute ride through the Juniata neighborhood in North Philly and along the south side of the park. You can access the trail at Ramona and I St. We planned the route for you from ATC on GoPhillyGo here. When you get on the trail, head north through six neighborhoods in North Philadelphia, and into Montgomery County.

Cobbs Creek Trail

The Cobbs Creek Trail is a 3.7 mile paved greenway that cuts through Southwest Philadelphia along the Cobbs Creek. Here you will find a great escape from the highly urban surrounding areas, and plenty of trees showing off their fall colors. You can access the trail at the northern trailhead at 63rd and Market St right below the 63rd St Market Frankford Blue-Line station. From there head south crossing two bridges over Cobbs Creek, into and out of Delaware County. An off road spur trail at 59th St will lead you down to Bartram’s Garden for even more views of the Schuylkill River and fall foliage. The Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center is a great place to visit along the trail for beautiful foliage. Learn about the center, and how to get there here.

Schuylkill Trail (West of Manayunk)

You can bypass the first few miles of the Schuylkill Trail by taking any of the 11 bus routes or the Manayunk Norristown Regional Rail line to the Wissahickon Transportation Center (WTC). Once you’ve arrived, get on your bike and ride down Main St to Lock St Turn left on Lock St, and you will be at the Schuylkill Trail crossing. Turn right on the trail, and follow it all the way out to Montgomery County and beyond. You will pass by ruins from the canal era, and amazing views of the trees along both sides of the river. You can see how to get from WTC to the Schuylkill trail  here.

Perkiomen Trail

If you are interested in a longer ride, check out the Perkiomen Trail. It’s accessible by bike from the Schuylkill River Trail. The Norristown Transportation Center is the closest transit hub with eight bus routes, the Route 100 High Speed Line and the terminus of the Manayunk-Norristown Regional Rail line. From there it’s a 46 minute ride to the trail. You can access the Perkiomen Trail at the Lower Perkiomen Valley Park. We planned your bike route from NTC to the park, and you can view it here. The Perkiomen Trail winds through 19 miles of scenic rural Montgomery County along the Perkiomen Creek before ending in Green Lane Reservoir Park.