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LOVE Sculpture is Back in LOVE Park for Valentine's Day

It’s official. The iconic LOVE statue is finally back on its pedestal at the entrance to LOVE Park. The statue was removed in February 2016 while LOVE Park received a complete makeover.  The park has since reopened, and the return of the iconic Robert Indiana statue marks the final piece of the transition.

The statue was repainted to its original red, green, and purple colors. The city mistakenly used blue instead of purple during restorations in 1988 and 1998. In 2017, representatives of the artist confirmed the sculpture was originally purple, and now Philadelphia is the only place where you will find the sculpture with its original colors.

The city threw a parade in honor of the statues return starting at 25th and Benjamin Franklin Parkway and ending at LOVE Park. The statue was driven down the parkway on a truck, making several stops along the way for pictures, including at the “Amor” statue and the “All Wars Memorial to Colored Soldiers and Sailors.”

A hundred people crowded around the empty pedestal in LOVE Park as the statue made its final approach. Once the statue arrived, workers carefully unpacked the protective wood. The forklift driver removed the statue from the truck, and brought it close to the pedestal for the final removal of its protective casing.

The driver threaded his padded forks through the V and E. A bell was tolling in the background, and a group of schoolchildren sang the Eagles fight song as the statue was hoisted onto its final resting place.

It may be a coincidence that the statue was put back in place just before Valentine’s Day, but if you find yourself out for a Valentine’s stroll through LOVE Park, the LOVE statue is once again the background for your Valentine’s Day selfie.