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The New GoPhillyGo Tours Section Is Here

Since 2015, GoPhillyGo has been the best way to get car free multimodal directions in the Philadelphia region. Now, the new “Tours” section available on GoPhillyGo lets you navigate between three or more destinations that are close in proximity or share a common theme. 

For example, when you plan a trip to Wissahickon Valley Park, use the premade tour to navigate from the Toleration Statue to the Fingerspan Bridge, then to the Valley Green Inn for a bite to eat along the creek. You can also use tours to find gateways and trailheads for regional greenways like the Schuylkill River Trail, Cobbs Creek Trail, and Tacony Creek Trail.

If you’re planning a trip to Old City to see historic sites like the National Constitution Center and Independence National Park, use the “Philly’s Historic District” tour to get walking directions between these destinations and more! Pre-planned itineraries can help you decide where to go. Follow the links below for some of our favorites, and check back often for new tours.

Transportation is the number one source of air pollution, and most of that pollution comes from cars. Every time you walk, bike, or take public transportation, you directly help lower pollution. Whether you enjoy trails for fun or just need to get around Philadelphia without a car, the GoPhillyGo Trip Planner and Tours section will help you be a green commuter.

Wissahickon Valley Park

Wissahickon Valley Park is full of trails and landmarks, and all are along the award winning Forbidden Drive Trail. Enjoy this well kept greenway any time of year and use this tour to navigate to destinations in the park like Wissahickon Environmental Center and other trail access points along the way. View the tour here.


Schuylkill River Trail

Become a Schuylkill River expert by taking our three separate tours of different parts of the Schuylkill River Trail. The Schuylkill River Trail - Center City tour takes you from the CHOP Pedestrian Bridge near Christian Street to the Fountain of Seahorses behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art with points of interest and at-grade crossings along the way. The Schuylkill West Bank - West Philly tour includes the Woodlands and Bartram’s Garden, and the Schuylkill and Perkiomen Confluence tour will help you navigate trails that connect you to Valley Forge National Historical Park, John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove, and more. Click here then follow the Tours tab.


Tacony Creek Park

Use this tour to access and navigate Tacony Creek Park and trail. The Tacony Creek Trail is 3.2 miles of paved greenway that stretches from the Montgomery County border to the Juniata neighborhood in North Philadelphia. Explore the historic Fishers Lane Bridge and look out for Great Blue Heron stalking prey in the shallow waters. All gateways are near public transit. Click here to view this tour.


Old City

If you love history, the “Philly’s Historic District” tour can help you navigate this very walkable section of the city. Getting between Independence National Historical Park, the Museum of the American Revolution, and other great historical destinations is easy. GoPhillyGo can show you how to get to these places and many more in the heart of America’s birthplace. Click here to view this tour.