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New Section of Cobbs Creek Trail Under Construction

Construction recently began on a new section of the Cobbs Creek Trail at Woodland Avenue and Island Avenue. The new trail follows Cobbs Creek between the City’s Elmwood Park neighborhood and Darby and Colwyn Boroughs in Delaware County and will link up to the existing Cobbs Creek Trail at 70th Street. This will extend the trail by roughly a half mile, and increase the total length of paved greenway to 4.2 miles.

The new extension also connects to SEPTA’s Route 11 Trolley. Each trailhead will have a major transit connection, with the Market-Frankford El at the north end of the trail, and provide new access to the park for people along this trolley line. GoPhillyGo recently visited the site and took some pictures of the progress. You can start to see what the trail will look like when it is completed early next year. 

The Cobbs Creek Trail is a key resource to lowering pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in the area. The dense urban neighborhoods on both sides of the creek mean pedestrians and cyclists must travel through here frequently to make transit connections, for recreation, or to utilize nearby shopping. 

The paved greenway protects people by separating them from traffic, and this extension will help people safely travel along this dangerous corridor. The trail also extends access to Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Center and unpaved trails throughout the park for users coming from neighborhoods further South. We will keep you updated as details on the construction are released. This is also just the first piece of a 3.5 mile extension of the trail that will ultimately connect to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in the coming years.