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Parks on Tap at FDR Is Open

The new Parks on Tap at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park (FDR) in South Philly opens this weekend with a new 50,000 square foot beer garden. This year, Parks on Tap at FDR Park is located across from the former public golf course. The location in the park is different from past years, but the GoPhillyGo trip planner and Android app are still the best ways to get easy walking and biking directions to Parks on Tap and other parks and trails across the region. 

FDR park spans nearly 350 acres with paved trails, a bike lane, and plenty of tranquil spaces for you to relax in a natural setting. Make the most of your visit to this important greenspace and work up your thirst with a bike ride or walk around the lakes, then cool off under the trees with a cold drink and food from local vendors. 

Getting to Parks on Tap at FDR Park is easy, and you don’t need a car. Download the GoPhillyGo Android app for easy multimodal directions to FDR Park and other destinations in the region. The GoPhillyGo Android app helps you find parks and trails near you based on your current location. Let the app know your location to get info and directions to parks, trails, and more on your mobile device. You can also get the same easy multimodal directions on your iPhone by saving the GoPhillyGo mobile site to your home screen.

We miss the traveling nature of Parks on Tap, but are glad they chose another fantastic location for this fun pop-up beer garden. Drinking and driving is always a bad idea, and every time you walk or bike to a park you help lower air pollution, so get to Parks on Tap by bike, on foot, or with public transportation. Follow the most up to date CDC guidelines and wear a mask every time you are in public. Commit to sustainability and let GoPhillyGo help you get to Parks on Tap at FDR Park.