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Philly Free Streets 2019 Returns to North Broad St

Philly Open Streets 2019 returns to North Broad Street on August 3. The route stretches four miles from City Hall to Butler Street and connects many diverse neighborhoods along the way.

Mayor Jim Kenney and Managing Director Brian Abernathy announced the route outside City Hall this morning.


“On my way up North Broad, I saw people of all ages and all physical abilities enjoying the street. One was a father on rollerblades towing his young son on a tricycle. One elderly gentleman moved his chair from his porch to the middle of Broad street to be immersed in the positive energy,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “This year, I am thrilled to announce that we are bringing Philly Free Streets back to beautiful North Broad Street!”


Over 120,000 people have attended this annual event since the first Philly Free Streets in 2016 and thousands of people came out last year for this same route. Make sure you take advantage of this amazing chance to explore this culturally diverse historic corridor and use GoPhillyGo to get there sustainably! Check out the map of Philly Free Streets 2019 here!