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Philadelphia Open Studios Tour

JJ Tizziou (Previous) and Rachel Constantine (above)

Photo credits--Adachi Pimentel and Mae Belle Vargas


Have you ever wanted to get a glimpse into where an artist creates their masterpieces? The Philadelphia Open Studios Tour (POST) opens up many studios and private residences across the city, to give visitors a look into the creative spaces these artists use. This event is hosted by the Center For Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) and has become a popular annual event for people to plan a day long tours exploring many diverse neighborhoods in the city.

This Saturday POST covers the Northwest neighborhoods of East Falls, Roxborough, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, Mt Airy, and Germantown. Then Sunday highlights artists in West neighborhoods including University City, West Philadelphia, Graduate Hospital and Center City West.  Many of the artists spaces are close enough to walk between, but all are accessible by bike, so leave the car behind.

”You can potentially walk and definitely bike through all of these areas,” said Julia Fox, community programming coordinator for CFEVA. “It’s definitely a great experience to explore a neighborhood. Most neighborhoods are super easy to ride and very walkable.” GoPhillyGo is the best way for you to plan your trips to as many studios as you can, so make sure you set up your routes here before you you head out.

POST started in 1999 with about 13 artists looking for a way to share their artwork with the public and other artists. CFEVA took over the tour in the early 2000s, and has grown the event to include nearly 100 individual artists. “The public gets this unique experience, where they can walk into a private creative space, and see the inner workings of an artist’s mind,” Fox said. “Depending on how (the artist) wants to open their studio, you can provide demos, or an artist talk and just be working on what you do.”

According to Fox, anyone can apply to be a part of POST, and since the requirements for entry are minimal, the range of artists opening up their studios is large. “It’s a huge variety for sure. You’re entering their space, and that is not the neutral gallery space,” Fox said. “You can really see their personality based on how they want to present themselves, and their work.”

Some stops on the POST tour have multiple studios, and allow a glimpse into the lives of artists using many diverse skills. “You can make one stop and experience many different things that are going on. To go into the studio allows you to see the little bits of content that someone might pick up out of a book, out of the street or take pictures from their neighborhood,” Fox said “Seeing what they bring into the studio, what the influence is, the things that they are working on and how they set it up allows you to really understand how someone thinks and how someone ticks.”


There are many artists opening their doors on each day of POST, and GoPhillyGo hopes you are able to plan a trip that let’s you see all of them. If you can’t, here’s a list of staff picks that we are excited to check out, and hope you do too!


Northwest--Saturday, Oct 14, 2017







West--Sunday, October 15, 2017