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New SEPTA Route Can Get You To 18 GPG Destinations

Strawberry Mansion and Grays Ferry are only a few miles apart, but traveling between these neighborhoods used to be surprisingly hard by public transit. SEPTA’s new Route 49 bus is changing that by connecting these growing neighborhoods to University City and Center City with stops near many great destinations in between.

We counted 18 GoPhillyGo destinations that are along or a very short walk from the Route 49 bus including the recently opened Discovery Center and Strawberry Mansion Reservoir.

Route 49 also passes through the Museum District and drops you off at the Rodin Museum where visitors will find an inspiring exhibit titled Rethinking the Modern Monument featuring works by Rodin and other artists including Pablo Picasso. This world renowned collection of sculptures is a great place to start your visit to all the museums along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Click here to learn more about this exhibit and how GoPhillyGo can help you get around the Museum District.

We made a list of places that are accessible from Bus Route 49 and linked to their GoPhillyGo destination pages. Android users can download the GoPhillyGo app and click “like” for all the destinations below to receive push notifications when you are near them. Bring your bike along with you and find even more great GoPhillyGo destinations!


East Fairmount Park


Discovery Center


Philadelphia Museum of Art


Barnes Foundation


Rodin Museum


The Rosenbach of the Free LIbrary


The Franklin Institute


Academy of Natural Sciences


Grays Ferry Crescent Trail and Park


Mutter Museum


Penn Museum


The Woodlands


Biology Pond-James G. Kaskey Park


The Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center


Fairmount Water Works Trail and Boardwalk


Schuylkill Banks




Sister Cities Park