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Social Distancing Spotlight: Bartram's Garden

Getting outside is more important than ever. As long as you practice social distancing, wear a face cover, and follow current CDC guidelines, you can safely enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of the outdoors. We want to help you find open greenspaces and show you how to get to them during this public health emergency.

Bartram’s Garden is a National Historic Landmark, and its grounds encompass 45 acres of parkland, native plant gardens, wildlife habitats, tidal wetlands, and a reclaimed meadow. The visitor center and other buildings are closed, but you can still tour the gardens and explore the riverfront along the Bartram’s Mile trail. 

Bartram’s Garden is across the river from Grays Ferry Crescent Park. You can cross the river on the pedestrian walkway of the Grays Ferry Ave Bridge then follow the path down to the water where you will find benches and a great view of the pedestrian bridge across the Schuylkill River, scheduled to open later this year.

The GoPhillyGo walkshed and bikeshed tool highlights areas on a map within a certain time frame of your location or a particular destination. Use it to plan trips or just to see what is nearby.  Have fun, and remember to follow the most up to date CDC guidelines when you are outside.


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