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Social Distancing Spotlight: Cobbs Creek Park

Join a socially distant cleanup at Cobbs Creek Park - Monday 8/17 9:30-11am Registration is FREE https://bit.ly/31KQhDw

Cobbs Creek Park is one of our favorite places to explore nature, and a new extension of Cobbs Creek Trail means you can safely travel from 64th Street and Race Street to Woodland Avenue and the historic Blue Bell Inn along a paved greenway. The trail previously stopped at 70th Street and Cobbs Creek Parkway, and traveling past there was dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and even drivers. Now you can enjoy 4.2 miles of paved greenway and miles of unpaved trails along the creek.

The park is situated between Delaware and Philadelphia Counties. The paved Cobbs Creek Trail is on the Philadelphia side of the park. Use the green pedestrian bridge near 63rd Street and Catherine Street to cross the creek. Most of the other bridge crossings between Market Street and Island Avenue have sidewalks. Other great parks like Haddington Woods and Morris Park are close by. Click here to view the GoPhillyGo Cobbs Creek Park tour.

Walksheds and bikesheds show users how far you can travel in a certain amount of time from a point on a map. Most of Philadelphia below Roosevelt Boulevard and as far west as Swarthmore in Delaware County is within a 60 minute bike trip from Cobbs Creek Park. See the map here. You can also view the 30 minute walkshed map here. We encourage you to take the time to plan a long bike trip, or hike through Cobbs Creek Park. Whenever you are outdoors, cover your face, practice safe social distancing, and always follow the latest CDC guidelines.