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Social Distancing Spotlight: Cooper River Park

Now that New Jersey parks are open, you can once again explore nearly 4 miles of paved greenway at Cooper River Park in Camden County. The Cooper River Trail connects several smaller parks including Gateway Park and Pennypacker Park and runs on both sides of the river. You can loop around a large portion of the park by using the Cuthbert and Crescent Boulevard bridges.

The GoPhillyGo bikeshed and walkshed feature lets you see how far you can travel in a certain amount of time from an address or GoPhillyGo destination. The 60 minute bikeshed covers parts of Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties in South Jersey.  View the bikeshed map here and the 60 minute walkshed here. Set the walkshed around Gateway Park or Pennypacker Park for bikesheds and walksheds based on those trailheads. 

We encourage you to practice social distancing and cover your face any time you are outdoors. Most facilities are closed so make sure you bring water and food if you plan on taking a long walk or bike trip. Save the GoPhillyGo mobile site to your home screen or download the Android app, and plan an adventure to Cooper River Park.