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Social Distancing Spotlight: FDR Park

Get directions to Parks on Tap at FDR Park.

The lakes and marshland in Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Park give a glimpse of what South Philly looked like before it was developed. Today, the park is a valuable greenspace in one of the most densely populated areas of the city and provides a critical habitat for migratory and native birds and other wildlife. GoPhillyGo can help you plan a trip to FDR Park and get you enjoying the benefits of being outside.

Use the main pedestrian entrance at Broad St. and Pattison Ave. near the Broad Street Line’s NRG Station to enter, or use a few other pedestrian entrances along both roads. You can access most of the park’s 348 acres from these paved loop trails and a bike lane on the main drive. The lake closest to Broad St. has natural trails with secluded areas where you can see Great Blue Herons and other wildlife hunting in the shallow water.

Access the FDR Woodland Trail on the park’s west side, and you can loop around the golf course and wooded areas at the back of the park near the river. Use this link to get to the entrance to FDR Woodland Trail.

The GoPhillyGo walkshed and bikeshed feature uses an overlay map to show you how far you can travel from a starting point in 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute intervals. You may be surprised by how short of a walk or bike ride FDR is from your location. Click here to view the walksheds and bikesheds for FDR Park.

Download the GoPhillyGo Android App for easy multimodal directions to FDR Park and other parks and trails in the region. The GoPhillyGo Android app helps you find destinations based on proximity to your current location. Let the app know your location to get info and directions to parks, trails and more near you on your mobile device. You can also get the same easy multimodal directions on your iPhone by saving the GoPhillyGo mobile site to your home screen.

Spending time in nature improves mental and physical health, and GoPhillyGo can help you enjoy the winding paths, lakes, and tranquil spaces in FDR Park. Every time you walk or bike to a park you help to lower air pollution. Follow the most up to date CDC guidelines and wear a mask every time you are outdoors. Use GoPhillyGo to plan your next sustainable adventure to FDR Park and other great parks and trails across the region.