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Stay Cool In Parks and Forests This Summer

It’s hot outside, but temperatures are always cooler beneath the cover of trees. Fortunately, Philadelphia has huge greenspaces with dense forests full of shade like Wissahickon Valley Park, Cobbs Creek Park, and Pennypack Park, and all of them are accessible by walking, biking, or public transit. 

The easiest way to find parks and plan sustainable trips to get there is to download the GoPhillyGo Android app. The app generates a list of the closest parks to you based on your location. You can also save the GoPhillyGo mobile site to your home screen for easy directions to parks, trails, and much more on your mobile device.

Take an air conditioned SEPTA ride, or work up a sweat on a walk, run, or bike ride before you cool off beneath the trees. When you plan a trip with GoPhillyGo, you can breathe easy knowing that you are doing your part to reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions. Show your commitment to reducing air pollution in Philadelphia, and let GoPhillyGo help you enjoy some time in nature without the hassle of driving. Here are a few places we love, but visit www.gophillygo.org to find many more places to cool off in the outdoors this summer.

Wissahickon Valley Park

Dense forests cover almost all of Wissahickon Valley Park, and Forbidden Drive is one of Philadelphia’s best trails to explore. GoPhillyGo has a self guided tour that can help you explore different points of interest throughout WVP like the Fingerspan Bridge, Toleration Statue, and more. Take a relaxing hike or a cool bike ride and enjoy the picturesque views of the creek and valley.

Pennypack Park

The Philadelphia segment of the Pennypack Trail is over 9 miles long and most of it is through forests, but you can also continue into Montgomery County and follow the unpaved trail for an additional 6 miles. Explore other destinations near the trail including Lorimer Park, Pennypack Environmental Center, and Pennypack on the Delaware where the creek flows into the Delaware River. Along the way, look for wildlife and the oldest continually used bridge in the United States at Frankford Avenue.

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

The Refuge has a variety of habitats including forests, lakes, and wetlands with plenty of places to cool off. A tremendous amount of wildlife including migratory birds from southern states like the great egret are using this greenspace as their summer home.  

Check Out These Cool Events Happening At Philly Parks:

Celebrate Cobbs Creek Trail on August 13 with archery, horseback riding, and walks. This event is FREE!

Take a cool walk beneath the trees and along the creek every Saturday morning at 9:30am in Tacony Creek Park. 

We made it easy to get walking, biking, and transit directions to all the upcoming Parks and Recreation outdoor movie nights. Check out our list and plan a trip to see blockbuster movies like Encanto under the stars.

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