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The Tinicum Segment of The East Coast Greenway is Now Open

On October 19, Tinicum Township opened a brand new 10 foot wide, 3500 foot long multi-use trail along route 291. This protected greenway begins at the intersection of Wanamaker Ave and Powhattan Ave (Route 291) and runs parallel with 291 to the bridge over the Darby Creek.

GoPhillyGo took a trip from Center City down to Essington via the Market Frankford El, Airport line and the route 37 Bus for the ribbon cutting ceremony. The trip was about an hour to the east end of the Tinicum segment. The brand new paved trail has bike racks, connections to public transit and lights to make sure everyone can safely enjoy the trail.

The Route 37 bus is a great way to get you out of the city, and into some wilderness. The bus operates between Broad St. and Snyder Ave, and the City of Chester. Along the way it passes the Tinicum segment, and gets you very close to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge.

GoPhillyGo and Clean Air Council are actively working on developing two more trails in Tinicum that will that will link up to the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge and eventually this new Tinicum segment. Both trails will be accessible from Southwest Philadelphia, and allow walkers and cyclists to enjoy a safe path through the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and beyond.

The Tinicum segment  is part of the East Coast Greenway (ECG) which is a growing network of trails and roadways that allow cyclists and walkers to travel approximately 3000 miles along the east coast. The East Coast Greenway Alliance continuously works to promote and develop sections of trail that are fully protected greenways like the Tinicum Segment, where pedestrians and cyclists can be isolated from traffic to minimize accidents and fatalities.

The Tinicum segment is also part of the Circuit Trails, which is another continuously growing network of hundreds of miles of trails covering PA and NJ. The completed project will be a continuous network of approximately 750 miles of off road trails suitable for walking and cycling throughout the tri-state area. If you think you know a trail that should be part of the Circuit, you can nominate it. There are a few basic requirements. It should be off road, paved, ten feet wide, open to cyclists and pedestrians and connect to existing Circuit Trails.

The number of trails that are part of the ECG and Circuit Trails networks continues to grow. GoPhillyGo will keep you in the loop whenever a new segment opens to the public.