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Watch: Why We Bike In The Winter

Commuting by bicycle is a fun and healthy way to get around Philadelphia. It’s easy to hop on your bike in the Spring and Summer, but when Winter arrives and the temperature drops, you may be less likely to go for a ride. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to beat the cold and keep your commitment to travel sustainably all year long.

Many of us at GoPhillyGo ride our bikes to the office every day. Some of our colleagues use SEPTA in bad weather, but others don’t let rain, snow, or some combination of both stop them from cycling. We know that everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to winter biking, so we recently sat down for a discussion on why we bike through all seasons, and the best practices we employ to make sure we stay safe, warm, and dry.

We will be sharing tips along with excerpts from our conversation to help you keep biking all year long. Your personal safety is paramount, so if you don’t feel comfortable riding in bad weather, use the GoPhillyGo mobile site or download the GoPhillyGo Android App to plan a safe trip by foot or transit. Choosing to ride all year long is a big commitment to your personal health and the well being of our planet, so dress warm and ride safe!