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The Watershed Institute

  • Educational
  • Exercise
  • Nature

The Watershed Institute (formerly the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Center and Reserve) contains a variety of smaller destinations within its bounds. Its over 10 miles of hiking trails explore 930 acres of wetlands, forests, meadows, streams and the four-acre Wargo Pond. Some of the oldest trees in central New Jersey are found here, as well as fox, coyote, weasel and flying squirrel. Birders will enjoy looking out for osprey, bobolink, Coopers hawk, red-shouldered hawk, or any of six species of owl that frequent the reserve. The new LEED Platinum Certified Watershed Center features a science lab, education exhibits, and gift shop, and facilities for classes and the Watershed Nature Camp and Academy. The Reserve offers courses and programs for kids, teenagers, and adults, including adult courses on plein air painting and plant and wildlife identification.  The Reserve is also host to the Honey Brook Organic Farm and the Kate Gorrie Butterfly House, which will open in time for August’s Butterfly Festival.

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