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Bristol Marsh Nature Preserve

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The roughly 17-acre Bristol Marsh ("the Marsh") is a rare and important freshwater tidal marsh located along the Delaware River, just southwest of the Historic District in Bristol Borough. It is one of the few remaining freshwater tidal marshes along the Delaware, receiving water from the Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean. The Marsh helps protect our riverfront from some of the impacts of flooding and stormwater pollution. Fresh water tidal marshes are fragile ecosystems that support a wide variety of plants, birds, and animals, serving as a nursery for fish and other aquatic organisms and a water purifier and filter of surrounding waters. Bristol Marsh is home to six rare plant species native to the Delaware River Basin: Waterhemp Ragweed, Swamp Beggar-Ticks, Multi-flowered mud plantain, Long-Lobed Arrow-Head, Subulate Arrow-Head and Indian Wild Rice. Besides hiking and plant- and wildlife-spotting, the Marsh's grounds are open for bicycling and fishing.

The Marsh is next to Bristol Borough Riverfront Park. It is also at the end of the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor trail which follows both watered and filled portions of the Delaware Canal. Northeast of the Marsh is the Bristol Historic District, the Spurline Trail, and the Silver Lake Nature Center. The marsh is definitely worth a visit!

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