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Learn a River's Name

at Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

Thu Jan 25 · 6pm  – 
Sat Apr 21 · 6pm

Learn a River’s Name is a group exhibition of seven projects, each deeply engaged  with regional waterways. Opening to the public on January 25, the artists in this exhibition (Camp Little HopeMatthew FridayDylan GauthierAna Berta HernandezMare LiberumSandy Sorlien, and Danielle Toronyi) seek a profound connection through their work, asking how can art help us to know, value, and steward the rivers around us. Learn a River’s Name includes works that reveal something unseen about a water body’s characteristics. With a focus on the Mid-Atlantic region, these artists explore rivers and streams that we might ourselves get to know—the Schuylkill, Delaware, Brandywine, and Hudson Rivers.

In a 2017 New York Times op-ed, Akiko Busch writes, “Giving something a name is the first step in taking care of it.” As we think about of bodies of water, a name is an opening. The name is a prelude, a microcosm, a way to be known—a first step on the pathway to meaningful connections between people and nature. You can read more about this exhibit on our blog.

Photo By Caleb Eckert